At Insectrap we are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of products for professionals in the field of de-infestation and myocide.
We manufacture and market the best, non-toxic products, and provide fast, safe and quality solutions to our customers.

Our range of high quality products includes three registered brands:

Insect-catching devices with sticky surfaces or with electrical discharge. The devices are manufactured in Europe.
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Sticky surfaces for all insect traps on the market. All surfaces are manufactured in our facilities in Chalkida.
Monitoring and trapping products. All of our adhesive surfaces are manufactured in our facilities in Chalkida. The trapping and batching stations are manufactured in Europe.
With just an image of the adhesive plate, our application allows us to automatically count the trapped insects and classify them by species.

Product categories


In compliance with European directives

Insectrap cares about safety and respect for the environment, therefore, all our products are certified and comply with current legislation.